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Training Philosophy

I feel that riding is a privilege, not a right. With that in mind, my teaching focus is about a partnership that encourages an honest dialog between the rider and the horse.

All steps in either rider or horse training are gained with baby steps to achieve a solid foundation to the task at hand. I do not believe with over-facing either horse or rider in any given scenario. Once there is a solid basis of understanding, then the bar can be heightened to see if there are any holes that need to be attended to and fixed.

I believe that riding is a life long journey and we never know all there is to know about any given discipline. It is important for us to keep learning and growing in our commitment to the horse. With that in mind, my primary mentors are Jean Luc Cornille of Science of Motion and James Shaw of Ride From Within. I clinic with Jean Luc several times a year as well as am a student of his In Hand Therapy Program. I host James Shaw at my place several times a year, as well. I find that the marriage between these two masters' programs compliments both the rider and horse in ways that I have not experienced before and feel grateful that I am able to share what I have learned from them.

I customize each lesson to work with each horse and rider on the physics of bio-mechanics, force and energy; how that translates through the horses body into our own. You could say I go about the business fixing bad habits by rewiring new programs into our bodies as well as into the horse that will lead to a new level of harmony, balance and connection.

Vicki Borrelli Horse trainer, Rider Instructor, Reiki Master and Certified Reiki Teacher
Colorado Springs, Colorado719-761-9965vicki@cloverleafhorsefarm.com