Do you have a horse that is stiff on one side? A horse that resists bending? One that is heavy on the forehand as he travels? One with subtle lameness that you cannot quite figure out? Old injury that is causing some balance issues? Resisting going forward?

These are all common problems that can be fixed when we step into a new world of educating ourselves on how the horse really moves and what can we do to help make his movement more efficient for him.

Most horses can re-educate their bodies from past issues if we, as a willing partner, analyze the problem, direct the horse to the solution and let them find it. They are capable of figuring out what feels best to them when we present solutions, and will hold onto those solutions if we allow them the time to process.

Learning effective ways to retrain your horse to use proper back coordination in hand as well as under saddle provides a great way to dialog with your horse while training or rehabbing.

Training, as well as Rehab is a daily journey, but an investment of time that will help your horses' lifetime of soundness. Let me know if I can be of service to help you and your equine partner to get on the right track with either your training or rehab program.

~There is no glory in a victory gained at the expense of the horses' soundness~  Colonel Margot

Horse Training and Rehab

~It is harder to rehab a horse than it is to ride Grand Prix~Jean Luc Cornille, Science of Motion