Vicki Borrelli: Reiki Master/Teacher/Practitioner

Sessions for people, horses and pets

Reiki is a stress reducing technique that uses Universal Life Force Energy to assist the bodys' natural healing abilities

It treats the whole being on all levels:


Why Reiki for You?
To relieve stress, as stress is the number 1 underlying component of disease of all sorts
To accelerate healing of injuries or physical conditions
To help with depression or anxiety
Assists the body in clearing toxins
Boosts energy and mental clarity
Overall sense of well being

Why a Reiki session for your horse or pet?

To treat horses or animals that are exhibiting:

Anxiety or stress (hauling, competing, change of circumstances)
Separation anxiety or issues
Post traumatic stress
Behavioral issues
Anger, Fear, Worry or Grief
Physical injuries or sickness
Rescued horses or pets

For Birth

For Death and Dying

Reiki Benefits Include:

Freedom From Emotional Baggage or Emotional Scars From Past Abuse
Promotes Physical Healing ( injury or sickness)
Reduces Post Surgery Stress
Strengthens Immune System
Relaxes Muscles
Dissolves Energy Blockages
Deepens Relaxation
Deepens Owner-Horse Relationship

Reiki for Competitions

As a competitor myself, I know all too well how fears, anxieties and worries rear their ugly heads for both the horse and rider during competitions.  Reiki can help with that.  Calming nerves and being able to focus is critical in the show ring, whether you are riding on the flat or over fences.  I offer pre-show sessions as well as tune-ups at your event.  Contact me for more info.

Testimonial for Reiki for horses:

"I just wanted to follow up and let you know how Marcus reacted after your visit Saturday. He was more curious and wanted to be more involved with what I was doing. he came up to me more than he had been. he has been more cuddly since even today. I have gone out and spent as much time as (I could) and he likes that."   Carroll E, Black Forest, Colorado Springs, Colorado 2012

"Hey, I wanted to let you know  that Scarlett was VERY different today...The entire ride she was so calm and relaxed and afterwards she just stood quietly and let me watch others and hang out. This is so amazing, Vicki! Keep working your magic! I hope it continues like this!"
Nicole A.  Black Forest, Colorado 2012

I would love to show you the value of regular Reiki sessions for you or your pet.  In person or remotely.  

I am also willing to do distant or remote Reiki.

Let me know how I can be of service to you!